Gayle Haynie

“I can tell you this right now, we have built several homes and he is the best builder we’ve ever used. He is very conscientious about making sure you get what you want. We’ve built several homes and never had any builder that worked harder to make sure you get what you want. I highly recommend them to anybody. One thing I like about Ricky is he doesn’t promise you anything he can’t do. He’s honest and the people he works with and his subcontractors have worked with him for years. He only uses people he trusts and can get results from. They are easy going, easy to work with and very accommodating. That is my experience with Ricky and his team.”

Bunnie Rogers

“We have known Ricky for a long time so I knew who to go to when I wanted to build a home. Ricky and his crew did our entire house and built it up out of the dirt. We found the land and they came in there and took over 100%. He made it a great experience and so enjoyable it was a walk in the park. Everyone on the project gave 110%. They put their heart and soul into our house. They were always on time and did what they were supposed to do. Our house was truly a success because of everyone that worked on it.”

Bill Pickens

“Ricky has built probably 10 houses for me, so what else can I say. That is testimony in itself. He is quality and he is who I call.”

Gordon Bennett

“Ricky did some custom work for us building our home. They are very conscientious and we are totally satisfied.”

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Patti Gentry Benton

“Teague Builders built a log cabin for me that was all custom. I designed the entire inside and they did a really good job meeting my requests. I highly recommend them to anyone.”

Sue Walters

“Ricky built a spec house for us, and then built our garage and man cave above it. He’s built everything in or house – it’s a total Ricky Teague product that is quaint and perfect for us. We enjoy working with Ricky. When we have a project in mind, we call him. He has been great to us and his sons are wonderful and great to work with too. We just really enjoy Ricky because he’s easy to work with and he’ll always find a way to do whatever we want.”

Regina Rigdon

“I designed my entire house. It was all on one little piece of yellow paper, no blueprints or anything. I went through five different contractors and everyone said what I wanted couldn’t be done. I met with Ricky and he said he didn’t know for sure how, but he would do it. Everyone else said it couldn’t be done and it was six and a half months from start to finish, and Ricky made it happen. It was a specialty house and I had a very specific idea in my head of what I wanted and they did it all. They are family oriented. They show up to work and they work great together. Now I just need them to move so they can come build me a home in Georgia.”

Mike Nardozzi

“Last year they built us a 1750sqft horse barn in Maggie Valley with an apartment in it for our horse caretaker. Ricky took our plans and just did a beautiful job. He exceeded all of our expectations on building exactly what we wanted. He also built a log home for us 25 years ago and they do jobs for us as needed. He and his crew are a first class operation. I recommend them to all our friends.”

Rob Verkiak

“They’ve done work for me for the past 20 years. I got in trouble on one project and needed help, so they came in and took over and completed the job. They also did a full remodel for me on another home. Ricky, Ryan and the boys are very personable, conscientious and timely. That’s one thing I really appreciate is their timeliness. They know what they are doing. I’ve had a problem in the past with a door issue, called Ryan and he took care of it within a half hour, no problem and didn’t charge me. You don’t always find that. I refer them to friends and I’m very pleased with their quality, timeliness and integrity.”

Lori Ferguson

“We were involved in a very bad situation and Ricky was our knight in shining armor. He came in during the construction phase of our home, which is not easy to do, and helped us finish the job. Ricky was so encouraging throughout what had been a long stressful process. One day we stood in the tile shop – my budget was maxed and I couldn’t handle anymore, Ricky stepped in and bought me the clay tiles I wanted but couldn’t afford. He became what I call my “Construction Dad.” He’s also done remodel work for different family members and we keep spreading the word about the work they do.”

Kurt Lechkey

“They remodeled the first floor of my chalet and two bathrooms. Their creativity and excellent workmanship are remarkable. They are the greatest. They are very consistent and always good and easy to work with. I couldn’t say one negative thing about them.”

Will Porter

“At the Children’s Home, we had suite bathrooms and Ricky was able to split those into private baths. The remodel work was very difficult and the conditions were not great, but they go in there and got it done. They are hard workers and they do good work. They are dependable, trustworthy and professional. I recommend them to everyone.”

Joyce Miles

“We lived 6 months in Florida and 6 months in North Carolina in our first home and I had always said if we could find a bigger house, we would consider moving to North Carolina fulltime. So, in the fall of 2005, we looked out across the mountain from our current home and saw this house being built. Our realtor encouraged us to go check out the home, and so we did. We walked through the house while it was still being framed and I called our realtor right then and asked when I could start picking out colors! We took on the home midway in construction because we just knew the house Ricky was building could be our forever home. We loved working with Ricky because he was so accessible and responsive. He has been in the community for years and years and all the subcontractors he uses are very reliable and receptive to keeping the timeline on track. We loved working with everyone he works with. A lot of builders get these ideas in their head that they know what’s best and they don’t pay attention to the owner and the one paying for everything. Not in our case. Ricky was very accommodating and we absolutely love our home.”

Eva Ledford

“They completely redid my kitchen, a bathroom and my laundry room. They did a wonderful job. They are very clean and clean up after themselves. They come in and do the work and it didn’t take them very long at all. The painter and cabinet builder were very good. I had custom cabinets made and they did a wonderful job. Ricky himself came a lot to check out his workers and make sure things were getting done. Ricky is definitely up to par and is a lot better than a lot of others I’ve seen with my friends and neighbors.”